Xiaomi MI Smart Clock

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock – Smart Assistant

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock is a 1.5” smart alarm clock with a display that always makes it shine with its new look. In fact, you can choose from a total of 10 dial designs whenever you want. This way, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock will not only look amazing and brand new, but will definitely fit into any room. You can simply match the colour to the design of the entire interior with a single tap.

Up-to-the-minute updates in minutes and with a single tap

Do you want to keep up to date with what's happening in the world or in your city? Xiaomi's smart clock lets you do just that! It gives you all the up-to-date information you need to know. With the help of Google's voice assistant, you'll be able to get the latest information from the news, as well as the weather, commute, etc. If you use Google Calendar, then Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock can even tell you what appointments you have today or what else you have planned. If you want to know all the previous information and conveniences as soon as you wake up, just set up the Good Morning program, which will give you the information you need as soon as you wake up and ask for it.


It will also join in your entertainment

But to make sure we don't stay busy all the time, we must mention another feature of Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock, which is playing your favourite songs, using YouTube Music or Spotify directly in the Xiaomi Home app. But of course, you can play not only your favorite music, but also podcasts or radio shows. In conjunction with Chromecast, also your favourite shows, series, movies, etc. And all without using your hands… All you have to do is talk.


The ideal companion anytime, anywhere

Not only does its design make it fit into any room, it really is your ideal companion for everything you can think of. Like controlling your smart home without having to lift a finger. Just tell the smartwatch to turn off the lights or turn on the air purifier… it's that simple! And thanks to the integrated display, you'll also be able to use the Mi Smart Clock app to connect to a smart camera to see what's happening outside your door or around the house, for example. So you can easily find out who's come to visit you without having to get up and go to the door to look.

Camera view

Connect Mi Smart Clock to your smart camera and watch what the camera is recording right on the clock screen.

You can use it to check on your kids or see who's knocking on your door.

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